Monday, February 7, 2011


Not an empty seat anywhere, everybody is crammed together looking at our menu. Back in the kitchen it is calm, and quiet as a kitchen can be with water running, vent fans rattling, and china clanking together as they are put away. Its too calm, as if a storm were coming. I'm nervous, and I think my butterflies are even more nervous than I am. I wait with grimace for the rest of the orders to come in, and turn away from the entrance to the kitchen for a second. "Order!" I hear and my blood gets pumping, finally the rush I've been waiting for. "One ice cream!" My heart falls, false alarm. As the kitchen helper scoops out the ice cream, "Order! Order! Order!" all three waitresses shout at once. My blood runs cold, couldn't they stack the orders a little and give me a minute or two in between? Not their problem, I understand, its mine. After the kitchen helper finishes the desert and is putting his things away, another round, "Order! Order!" Tickets are piling up faster than I can read them, if I want to quit now's the time to do it, right as the rush comes, screwing up the whole system. No, this is what I'm here for. No time to think, just do it. Hours fly by like minutes and before I know it we are closed.

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