Monday, February 7, 2011


Niboshi are dried baby sardines. They can be used for making dashi, and snacks. Because niboshi are whole fish, albeit small, they still have their innards, and heads attached. The head and stomach tend to leave a bitter fishy after taste when used in dashi so I prefer to remove the head and stomach, and use it in making furikake. Removing everything is really easy especially in small batches, here's how.

1. Take off the head

2. Split the body in half along the spine by applying pressure to the stomach and pulling apart

3. Take out the stomach.


  1. I'm allergic to fish. Even your photos make me sheeze.

  2. I like seafood, although I'm not a huge sardine fan. Also removing a bunch of heads/stomachs would get pretty tedious after a while I'd think.

  3. I like seafood yet I've never tried sardines....maybe it's because they're small that they don't appeal to me though I'll give them a try....sooner or later.....

  4. I like all seafood, made me hungry.