Monday, February 14, 2011


Katsuramuki, is a Japanese knife technique where you make thin sheets of any cylindrical object. 

In the video, you see me doing a poor example of katsuramuki, and I really only realized my own mistakes after I videotaped myself, I guess this is a great way to practice and see how I can improve!

To do katsuramuki well, you need a very sharp knife with a straight edge (if it can lie flat on your cutting board) preferably but not required, and when you hold the knife and vegetable, you should have your dominant thumb on the bottom of the sheet, and your other thumb at the top, this is to help you feel how thin, or thick you are making it. Another thing you need to do is to move your knife the same time as you rotate the vegetable, it helps keep the vegetable in a nice circular shape. 

With the finished product, you usually make ootsuma which is, super fine strips of the vegetable (used in lots of garnishes and for sushi), but as what I am practicing is the actual katsuramuki, I stop after making the sheets I don't like to waste, so I've tried eating it different ways, one of the best is actually the weirdest. It goes great with salsa, and i suppose you could use it like a chip for anything else too, its crunchy and healthy! If you don't like it like that, then my next suggestion would be in soups, so far I've used it in minestrone (I guess its good with tomatoes), miso soup, and curry.

Soon I hope to update this video with better quality, and a better example of this technique, and maybe an actual recipe for it, instead of just suggestions.


  1. I never knew the Japanese did this with knives.

  2. Very interesting, I knew the Japanese had some very skillful knife techniques, in specific when it comes to sushi and Fugu (Not sure if thats correct) Awesome video.

  3. Good video man!

    That was really interesting! I love food, so learning all this new stuff on your blog is a great experience! Keep up the good work, I hope read/see more soon.

  4. That is awesome, and that is one of the best ways to learn what you are doing incorrectly, is to tape yourself

  5. Looks pretty delicious. Thinks I'll try and make this :o

  6. Nice skills mate. Sure - you're rough around the edges but I don't think many people have your skill set. Be proud.