My Knives, Whetstones, and Other Tools

 My Knives

Shun Pro 10" Chefs knife
 This is my Chef's knife, Shun Pro 10". I use it for everything, from cleaning fish (looking into buying a deba to use instead), cutting vegetables, and anything else you could use a razor sharp edge for. 

This knife may look big but it is really light, and easy to handle, its handle was made for right hand use (though I think they have a left hand version), and is made of real wood. The edge I bought it with was double bevel, and I ground it to a single bevel, for uniformity with my other knives (its also easier to sharpen but loses its edge faster). 

If you are just getting into a kitchen career, I wouldn't recommend spending your money on this knife, it cost something around $250 dollars,  (it was my first paycheck and I wanted something awesome!) and you can get  a decent knife for less than $100.

This is my usuba or vegetable knife, it has been forged from high carbon steel. It has a one right side bevel, and is concave on the left side to help minimize sticking. 
I mainly use it for katsuramuki and other fine vegetable cuts. This knife was designed to cut vegetables and it does its job with ease, it is razor sharp so when I cut it feels as if its gliding through butter.
The downside of this knife is that because it is high carbon steel, acid tarnishes it easily and it rusts easily when wet. It must be thoroughly washed and dried after each use, and kept in an area with low humidity. 



  1. Would it be possible to show pictures of your katsuramuki technique?

  2. Yes! I am currently working on videoing myself doing all the techniques I am going to be posting about. They wont be the best examples but they will show what I am talking about.

  3. I really like what you have created here. I am looking forward to your next installments and career updates.