Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am an inexperienced young cook, fresh out of high school, and working my first job. I would love to show my readers what it is like to start out in a restaurant kitchen, and the life of a culinary student.

As of the start of the new year 2011, I have a few things under my belt. One year cooking in a local Japanese restaurant, one year attending culinary school, basic knife skills, basic cooking skills, and a thirst to know more. As I write this blog, I intend to give you my take on the lifestyle that I am now adopting as my own, as well as introductions to the cooking techniques that I already know, and will be learning from here on out.

Since this is my first venture into any sort of blogging or online social networking for that matter so I would love to have any feedback as to what I could do to improve my writing style, my blog itself, or even any tips on how to have a successful kitchen career.

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